List of Test Match Won after Follow On

When the batting second team is bowled out for a far lower score than the batting first team, the batting first team's captain has the authority to apply to follow on on the batting second team in test cricket. Cricket fans have experienced various matches in the test format when the outcomes have exceeded their expectations, such as the Indian cricket team winning the test match against Australia in 2001 despite playing follow-on in the second inning.

It's worth noting that there have only been four cases in which a team has won a test match while playing follow-on, all of which were against Australia.

Let's check out some of those moments when this situation came in the history of Test cricket.

1. England Vs Australia in 1894

In 1894, it happened for the first time when a team won the test match even after playing follow-on in the second inning. When England visited Australia for a 5 test matches series in 1894, England and Australia faced each other for the 1st test match on 14 Dec 1894 at Sydney, where Australia added a big total of 586 runs on the scoreboard.

When England came out to the middle then they could make only 325 runs and were forced by Australia to play follow on.

In the second inning, England made a strong comeback and added 437 runs and thus giving the target of 177 runs to Australia.

But Australia, who looked batter in the first inning could not handle the bowlers of England and bowled out at 166 runs. Thus, England won the match by 10 runs even after playing follow-on.

2. England Vs Australia in 1981

In 1981, when Australia went to England for a 6 test matches series, Australia and England stood against each other in the 3rd test match at Leeds on 16 Jul 1981. Australia decided to bat first after winning the toss, added 401 runs for 9 wickets, and declared their innings. John Dyson from Australia struck a century in the first inning of Australia. When England came out to bat second, their batters could not stay longer and bowled out at 174 runs only, in which Ian Botham made 50 runs.

Afterward, the Australian skipper forced England to play follow-on and they added 356 runs in the 2nd inning. Ian Botham of England added crucial 149 runs that helped them to reach that level. Australia got the target of 130 runs which was not so big but England’s bowlers, especially, Bob Willis performed incredibly and took 8 wickets. Australia's innings were demolished at the score of 111 in which their 4 wickets were sent out without making any run. In this way, England won the match by 18 runs, and Ian Botham was named Man of the Match in that match.

3. India Vs Australia in 2001

In 2001, when Australia came to India in order to play 3 test matche bilateral series, India and Australia were all set to face each other in the 2nd test at Kolkata on 11 Mar 2001. While batting first, Australia started well with 100+ runs for the 1st wicket partnership and added 445 runs on the scoreboard.

In reply, the Indian batters could not perform well and bowled out at 171 runs only, only VVS Laxman could make 59 runs and no other batsmen could stay longer on the pitch. Thus, Australia forced India to play follow-on in the second inning, and then India's batter gave a strong reply by adding 657 runs in the 2nd inning.

VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid performed incredibly and added 336 runs in a pair for the 5th wicket in which Laxman added 281 and Dravid contributed 180 runs. Australia got the target of 384 runs but they could not face Indian bowlers, especially, Harbhajan Singh and Sachin Tendulkar who took 6 and 3 wickets.

Thus, Australia was bowled out at 212 and India won the match by 171 runs after playing follow-on. VVS Laxman was named Man of the Match for his match-winning performance with the bat.

4. New Zealand vs England, 2023

England has made 435/8 runs in their first innings. In reply, New Zealand team got all out at 209 runs inforcing the follow on. They made 483/10 in the third innings. England got target of 258 runs to win the Test match and the series too. This was England's game but it is said match is not over until it is over. England needed just 7 runs with 3 wickets in hand to win in the 4th innings and everyone has believed that New Zealand has lost the game but then they lost all wickets with 1 run short. New Zealand won this test match by just 1 run after follow on was inforced. 

List of all Test Matches Won after Follow On








10 Runs






18 Runs






171 Runs




New Zealand 1 Run England Wellington 24-02-2023 Scorecard

New Zealand team recently beat england in a test match after being made to follow on after 22 years.

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