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We extend a hearty welcome to all the cricket fans out there. Our online venture cricketwa.com is a sincere initiative to present the cricket connoisseurs with all possible authentic information about almost everything regarding cricket. Our mission is to be the one-stop platform for all cricket patrons who are on the constant search on the cricket updates. You can count on us as your trusted guide for any data regarding world cricket and we assure you to keep up with your high end expectations from us and our site.

We have come up with a comprehensive database at your service. Our visitors at cricketwa.com will be greeted with authentic and updated information on various cricket tournaments and series played around the globe. If you are looking for the Cricket World Cup details or IPL record or considerable data on the Champions League – we can be your trusted destination for any tournament news. We make sure to come up with latest news and hottest happenings of the global cricket zone keeping you updated always.

You will also find database on the different major cricket playing countries as well from our site such as India, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka or Australia. Then, there is an exclusive section on player profiles where you will get extensive data on the records and highlights of all your favorite cricket maestros. What more, we have even included a category for the different cricket stadiums all over backed by interesting pointers on the premier and legendary matches experienced over there.

And yes, we have come up with cricket schedule as well. We have equipped our cricketwa.com with latest and most genuine schedules and dates for almost every running and upcoming cricket tournaments. We also have our open forum where you can join in and engage in your most desired cricket conversation with fellow cricket enthusiasts any time.

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