The Hundred 2022 Draft: Player Selection & Retention in this 100 Ball Tournament

The Hundred is an exciting 100 ball cricket tournament that true lovers would surely not miss out on. Every country has a cricket tournament and the Hundred cricket tournament is a cricket tournament that takes place in England. No doubt, the tournament follows a pattern for selecting the players in the team, similar to other countries, recently the England Cricket Bureau has made certain changes regarding the drafting methods while introducing the Hundred Cricket rules which is slightly different from other cricket rules.

The Hundred 2021 Schedule

The very first draft of the cricket tournament was announced in October 2019, however, the tournament was later postponed due to the global pandemic situation and was hosted in the year 2021. The teams from eight cities have hence reserved their players that were selected back in 2019, and are even looking for more players to fill the gaps through the Hundred Draft. A total number of 35 players or slots are still vacant out of which 7 slots are for the overseas players and remaining for the domestic players.

So, through this piece of article, let’s learn how the players were initially selected and the changes that have been made in the draft for further selection.

Selection of the Men’s team in the year 2021

Each men’s team contained 15 players squad among which one player was the England red-ball contracted player, while the remaining 14 players were drafted players. The teams were to select a maximum of 3 players from overseas.

Selection of the Men’s team in the year 2022

In 2022, certain changes were made in the Hundred Draft as England Cricket Bureau introduced the entire selection process in 2 steps, as follows:

  • Allocationof England player and Player Retention Window
  • The Hundred Draft

And here is a brief discussion about all two steps.

Allocation of England Player and Player Retention Window

There are in total 20 men’s contracted players from England. Out of the 20 centrally contracted England players, 4 are allowed to be reserved in the form of domestic players. These 4 domestic players include Eoin Morgan, Moeen Ali, Jason Roy, and Adil Rashid.

As in the year 2021, some players might have been given an allowance for missing the competition, the remaining players can be reserved by their respective teams. However, every team can retain a maximum of 2 England players that are contracted.

On the other hand, the retention window is live and would continue till the mid of February. The men’s squad is allowed to retain a maximum number of 10 players. As well as every team can also retain any overseas or domestic player who was in 2021 contracted to the side.

All the sides need to compulsory leave one of their slots out of £30000 for the Vitality Wildcard Draft. The retention window is currently live hence; the men’s squad can retain a maximum number of 10 players in the window which would remain live until the mid of February. The Draft date would be declared later, but it is likely going to be in the month of March.

The Hundred Draft

The Hundred Draft date will soon get confirmed. The selections would be done by the draw order method, as every team will get a chance to fill their salary bands gaps turn by turn. The draw order would also be confirmed in the Draft. Every player that enters the Draft pool would be given a reserve price and their purchase price would be less than the reserve price. However, the teams are allowed to spend an additional amount than the reserve price for buying the player.

When is the Hundred Draft?

The Hundred Draft date would be confirmed very soon.

What would happen after the Hundred Draft?

After the draft, every team would be given one more chance for a pick which is termed as The Vitality Wildcard. Through this card, the teams can select one more additional player for starting the Hundred 2022.

How is the Women’s Team Selected?

Similar to the Men’s selection, the women’s team is also selected through a two-step process. All the players are allowed to roll over their contracts, and those who are not doing so get selected in the open-market system.

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Last Updated on: 03/02/2022