South Africa vs England Test Series 1896

South Africa vs England Test Series 1896 Schedule - ENG Tour of SA Fixtures

Series Result

England Won the 3 Match Test Series By 3-0

Start Date


End Date


Host Country

South Africa

Match schedule

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South Africa vs England 1st Test Match 1896
Match 1
Start Date- 13/02/1896
Time - 02:00(Local)
End Date- 14/02/1896
South Africa
England Venue
St Georges Park
South Africa vs England 2nd Test Match 1896
Match 2
Start Date- 02/03/1896
Time - 02:00(Local)
End Date- 04/03/1896
South Africa
England Venue
The Wanderers Stadium
South Africa vs England 3rd Test Match 1896
Match 3
Start Date- 21/03/1896
Time - 02:00(Local)
End Date- 23/03/1896
South Africa
England Venue

Playing Teams
South Africa England
South Africa Team Squad
Frank Hearne Fred Smith Tommy Routledge Charles Fichardt
Barberton Halliwell Robert Poore Jimmy Sinclair Charles Hime
Robert Gleeson Frederick Cook Bonnor Middleton Joseph Willoughby
Clement Johnson George Shepstone Billy Frank Charlie Llewellyn
George Rowe Alfred Richards George Glover Arthur Seccull
JH Anderson

England Team Squad
Sir Tim O'Brien George Lohmann Sammy Woods Tom Hayward
C.B. Fry Arthur Hill Hugh Bromley-Davenport Lord Hawke
Charles Wright Audley Miller Harry Butt Christopher Heseltine
Ted Tyler