Most Consecutive Wins in T20I

In any format of cricket, whether it is ODI, Test, or T20I, winning most games in an unbroken series is one of the proud feelings for any team in cricket. Teams like Afghanistan, Romania, and India have done this feat by achieving the 12 consecutive wins in T20I cricket. Let’s check out some of the most consecutive wins in T20 cricket:

1. Afghanistan (12 Consecutive Wins from 2018 to 2019)

Afghanistan is the first cricket team that has achieved 12 consecutive victories in the shortest format of the game from 2018 to 2019.

They started their unbroken winning chain with the first victory against Zimbabwe at Sharjah on 5 Feb 2018.

Afghanistan visited UAE for 2 T20I series with zimbabwe in Feb 2018 and captured the series by 2-0.

Then they visited India to play 3 T20I against Bangladesh in June 2018 where they lifted the series by 3-0.

In August 2018, they went to Ireland for 2 T20I series where they achieved victory by 2-0.

In Feb 2019, they came to India to play 3 T20I matches with Ireland, and they successfully beat Bangladesh by 3-0 in Dehradun.

Again, in Sep 2019, Afghanistan traveled to Bangladesh in order to play the T20 Tri-series with Bangladesh and Zimbabwe where they won 2 T20I matches thus making a record 12 consecutive wins in the T20I. 

2. Romania (12 Consecutive Wins from 2020 to 2021)

Romania started its unbroken winning journey from the Balkan Cup at Ilfov County in Oct 2020 where they won 3 T20I matches against Bulgaria.

Then in June 2021, they participated in the Sofia Twenty20 tournament with Bulgaria, Greece, and Serbia and they achieved 5 consecutive wins in the tournament.

In the month of September 2021, Romania joined the Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, and Luxembourg for the Continental Cup 2021, where they won the 4 T20I matches in a row.

Thus Romania made a record of achieving the 12 consecutive victories in the T20I.

3. India (12 Consecutive Wins from 2021 to 2022)

India is the third T20 squad that has done this feat in the time span of 2021 to 2022.

In November 2021, India started their journey of consecutive victories from the 33rd match of the T20 World Cup 2021 where they defeated Afghanistan by 66 runs and finally achieved 3 victories in the tournament.

Then in November 2021, New Zealand visited India in order to play 3 T20I series where India captured the series by 3-0.

Afterward, West Indies visited India to play the 3 T20I series in the month of Feb 2022.

India again won the series against the West Indies by the margin of 3-0.

In the month of Feb 2022, Sri Lanka came to India to fight the 3 T20I series where India defeated the Lankan and captured the series by 3-0.

Thus, India won the three consecutive T20I series by 3-0 along with 3 wins in the T20 World Cup 2021 and made the record of 12 consecutive wins in the T20I.

Most Consecutive Wins in T20 by a Team

Here is the list of the most consecutive wins in T20 cricket







5 Feb 2018

15 Sep 2019



17 Oct 2020

5 Sep 2021



3 Nov 2021

27 Feb 2022



27 Mar 2016

12 Mar 2017



11 Sep 2021

22 Oct 2021



27 Oct 2019

21 May 2022



4 Jul 2018

4 Nov 2018



6 May 2010

12 Jan 2011



22 Feb 2012

24 Mar 2012



25 Jan 2018

1 Jul 2018


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