Zimbabwe Cricket Team

Zimbabwe is the next team which is been recognized as the test playing nation and also possess ODI status. The Zimbabwe cricket team is the full member of International Cricket Council but has voluntarily backed out from the test cricket for the two times first time between June 10, 2004 and January 6, 2005 and between January 18, 2006 and August 3, 2011. The Zimbabwe team has made its test debut on October 18, 1992 but has made its One Day International debut before than that. The Zimbabwe team is yet to win a big tournament such as world cup and ICC Champions Trophy. You can also check Zimbabwe FTP details.

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Recently Played Matches
Scotland( 177/4), Zimbabwe( 180/4) Scotland Grange Cricket Club 19-09-2021 IT20
Zimbabwe( 136/5), Scotland( 126/10) Scotland Grange Cricket Club 17-09-2021 IT20
Scotland( 141/6), Zimbabwe( 134/9) Scotland Grange Cricket Club 15-09-2021 IT20
Zimbabwe( 131/10), Ireland( 118/3) Ireland Civil Service Cricket Club 13-09-2021 ODI
Ireland( 282/8) Ireland Civil Service Cricket Club 10-09-2021 ODI
Zimbabwe( 266/7), Ireland( 228/10) Ireland Civil Service Cricket Club 08-09-2021 ODI
Zimbabwe( 124/4), Ireland( 119/10) Ireland Bready Cricket Club 04-09-2021 IT20
Ireland( 174/4), Zimbabwe( 110/9) Ireland Bready Cricket Club 02-09-2021 IT20
Ireland( 178/2), Zimbabwe( 138/10) Ireland Bready Cricket Club 01-09-2021 IT20
Zimbabwe( 152/5), Ireland( 153/3) Ireland Castle Avenue 29-08-2021 IT20

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