Sylhet International Cricket Stadium

Sylhet Stadium of Bangladesh is one of the most popular cricket grounds. Many cricket matches have been held in the past with the stadium providing a wonderful experience to the audiences as well as the cricketers. Apart from cricket, a few football matches have also been hosted at this stadium. This stadium was built in 2007 and since then a number of ODI matches, test series and T20 matches have been played here. One of the highlighting features of this stadium is the beautiful atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the people towards cricket. No matter which game is scheduled at this stadium, people turn out in large numbers to enjoy themselves. The Sylhet International Cricket Stadium is surrounded by hills that not only enhances its beauty but presents a scintillating view thus attracting lots of cricket lovers. Recently the government of Bangladesh has ordered the expansion of the stadium so as to increase the seating capacity and provide a seamless experience to the cricket fans. In the year 2014, ICC World Twenty20 championship is scheduled to be played here so arrangements are being made to attract thousands of people. That is why the stadium is being expanded with better facilities for the audiences. The renovation work has already started and will finish at the end of October.

City: Sylhet (Bangladesh)
Airport Road, Sylhet 3100, Bangladesh

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