Evin Lewis vs Rinku Singh ODI, Test, T20, Stats & Records [Since 2003]

Full Name Evin Lewis Rinku Khanchand Singh
Birth date 27/12/1991 12/10/1997
Age 32 26
Birth Country Trinidad And Tobago India
Team West Indies India

Batting Stats

Evin Lewis 5251140712529.31938150.000294103100130483
Rinku Singh 14113566989.00202176.23002031206047

Evin Lewis 4242153217640.31179785.25048214748140384
Rinku Singh 22553827.5041134.140000531020

Evin Lewis 27266546527.25477137.100042623690242
Rinku Singh 38358326734.66577144.19004061442302411

Bowling Stats

Players have not bowled