West Indies Cricket Team

West Indies being next in the table was the most dangerous and the strongest cricketing side at the initial stage of the world cricket. Being the world champions for the first two world cups of One Day Internationals the team was well known for its thundering fast bowling and quality batting. The West Indies team made its international debut on June 23, 1928 and went to win their first international after 5 matches. The West Indies team became the first team to win two consecutive world cups first one in 1975 and the other one in 1979. It has also reached the final of third consecutive world cup in 1983 where it was stopped by India. The West Indies team has also won a T20 world cup in the year 2012. 

Upcoming MatchStart DateTime
Group C: West Indies vs PNG 2nd Match T20 World Cup 2024 2024-06-02 10:00:00
Group C: West Indies vs Uganda 18th Match T20 World Cup 2024 2024-06-08 10:00:00
England vs West Indies 1st Test Match 2024 2024-07-10 11:00:00
England vs West Indies 2nd Test Match 2024 2024-07-18 11:00:00
England vs West Indies 3rd Test Match 2024 2024-07-26 11:00:00
West Indies Last 10 Matches
West Indies( 220/6), Australia( 183/5) Australia Perth Stadium IT20
Australia( 241/4), West Indies( 207/9) Australia Adelaide Oval IT20
Australia( 213/7), West Indies( 202/8) Australia Bellerive Oval IT20
West Indies( 86/10), Australia( 87/2) Australia Manuka Oval ODI
Australia( 258/9), West Indies( 175/10) Australia Sydney Cricket Ground ODI
West Indies( 231/10), Australia( 232/2) Australia Melbourne Cricket Ground ODI
West Indies( 311/10), Australia( 289/9), West Indies( 193/9), Australia( 207/10) Australia Brisbane Cricket Ground TEST
West Indies( 188/10), Australia( 283/10), West Indies( 120/10), Australia( 26/0) Australia Adelaide Oval TEST
England( 132/10), West Indies( 133/6) England Brian Lara Stadium IT20
England( 267/3), West Indies( 192/10) England Brian Lara Stadium IT20

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