Green Park

The stadium of Green Park is one of the oldest cricketing grounds of India. The ground was created back in the year 1945 when the British were just about the leave the country. Initially the stadium had been made just for the local teams to rub against each other. The major part of the stadium is uncovered and has a total seating capacity of approximately 45000 people who can come in to watch the cricketers play for the pride of their nation and the respective teams. This stadium of Uttar Pradesh also hosted local football matches during the initial phase of life and later on changed its loyalty just to cricket.

In spite of the fact that the stadium was created as early as 1945, there were not a lot of games that were played due to the poor playing conditions that the stadium had. The rough outfield had already led to the abrupt termination of cricketing careers for many people. The first test match was held in the year 1952 between India and England and the last one was way back in the year 2009 when India took on Sri Lanka. The stadium was completely renovated just before the year of 1986 because of which Green Park got its first One Day International game involving India and Sri Lanka.

The Green Park is not one of the stadiums where the bowlers would actually love to bowl as it has one of the flattest pitches of India. The mediocre bounce and the lack of pace have always made it a batting heaven. This is the very ground where Shahid Afridi smoked a 45 ball century. The Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association has literally done everything to make amends to the pitch but there is literally no change. The Indian Batsmen have a great record at the stadium and so do the batsmen from the other teams.

City: Kanpur (India)

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