Hagley Oval

Hagley Oval is an old cricket stadium which is located in the Christchurch city of New Zealand. It forms an important part of the Hagley Park with the ground established in the year 1886. The first match was scheduled between Canterbury and Otago and the match was hosted by none other than the Canterbury cricket team. This stadium has not only hosted a series of international matches but also a couple of domestic matches as well. Since its establishment, a number of changes have been incorporated to enhance the beauty of the venue and attract the people. This stadium is surrounded by plush green campus that creates a lovely atmosphere around. Though the venue might not be so spacious but the cricket fans can definitely enjoy a great time watching the match live. In the recent times, the stadium has been re-designed so that it can host the first class cricket matches as well. Proper arrangements are made so that people can enjoy the match as well as the scenic views of the Hagley Park. Canterbury has been using this stadium as their home ground with six women ODI matches being held here. Thus you can say that Hagley Oval is definitely the oldest cricket grounds entertaining the people since 150 years.
City: Christchurch (New Zealand)

Upcoming Matches

New Zealand vs South Africa 1st Test Match 2022
Start Date: 2022-02-17
Time- 11:00
End Date: 2022-02-21
New Zealand Vs South Africa Venue
Hagley Oval

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