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Michael Leask
Full Name: Michael Alexander Leask
Birth date: October 29, 1990
Age: 30
Hometown: Aberdeen
City: Aberdeen
Batting Style: Right Hand Bat
Bowling Style: Right Arm offbreak
Team :

Recent matches

RunsWktsOppMatch DateScore
0 0/18 Afghanistan25 Oct,2021 IT20
- 2/13 Oman21 Oct,2021 IT20
9 0/11 Papua New Guinea19 Oct,2021 IT20
0 0/20 Bangladesh17 Oct,2021 IT20
5 1/22 Namibia09 Oct,2021 IT20
17 2/22 Zimbabwe19 Sep,2021 IT20
25 1/23 Zimbabwe17 Sep,2021 IT20
11 0/25 Zimbabwe15 Sep,2021 IT20
- 1/1 Netherlands20 May,2021 ODI
- - Oman17 Feb,2019 IT20

Statistictics by year

Batting Statistics

ODI 223135919.5602
IT20 352975813.5001

Bowling Statistics

ODI 2285.55121242.67
IT20 35765422620.85

Recent Awards

Man Of MatchDate
Scotland vs England 1st ODI Match 2014 09/05/2014

Last Series Played

T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule
UAE Summer T20 Bash 2021
Scotland vs Zimbabwe T20 Series 2021
Netherlands vs Scotland ODI Series 2021
Scotland, Netherlands, Ireland, Oman Quadrangular Series 2019
Team Squad
Safyaan Sharif Dylan Budge
Calum MacLeod Bradley Wheal
Josh Davey Kyle Coetzer
Christopher Sole Richie Berrington
Christopher Greaves Hamza Tahir

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