Most Innings Batted in Spain vs Isle of Man T20 Series 2023 Stats

Mohammad Ihsan (Spain) 6623759.2510
Doyle-Calle (Spain) 659849.0000
Edward Beard (Isle of Ma) 55387.6000
Joseph Burrows (Isle of Ma) 55408.0000
Adam McAuley (Isle of Ma) 558917.8000
Carl Hartmann (Isle of Ma) 55214.2000
Fraser Clarke (Isle of Ma) 55124.0000
Edward Walker (Isle of Ma) 443-00
Nathan Knights (Isle of Ma) 44143.5000
Dollin Jansen (Isle of Ma) 447719.2500
Jacob Butler (Isle of Ma) 44144.6600
Christian Webster (Isle of Ma) 445112.7500
Matthew Ansell (Isle of Ma) 3331.0000
Muhammad Kamran (Spain) 63147.0000
Ravi Panchal (Spain) 435555.0000
Mohammad Yasin (Spain) 224221.0000
Kieran Cawte (Isle of Ma) 4200.0000
George Burrows (Isle of Ma) 22105.0000
Adam Algar (Spain) 524040.0000
Awais Ahmed (Spain) 521212.0000