List of upcoming ODI/TEST/T20 Series

Following is the list of all Upcoming Test Series, ODI Series and T20 Series. You can browse through each series. Under each series, you will get more information about the individual matches of the series, Squad of the series, Scorecard and much more.

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Upcoming ODI SeriesStarting DateEnding Date
South Africa vs Netherlands ODI Series 2021 26/11/202101/12/2021
South Africa vs India ODI Series 2022 11/01/202216/01/2022
Australia vs New Zealand ODI Series 2022 30/01/202205/02/2022
India vs West Indies ODI Series 2022 06/02/202212/02/2022
South Africa vs Bangladesh ODI Series 2022 18/03/202223/03/2022
Netherlands vs England ODI Series 2022 17/06/202222/06/2022
England vs India ODI Series 2022 09/07/202214/07/2022
England vs South Africa ODI Series 2022 19/07/202224/07/2022
Pakistan vs Afghanistan ODI Series 2022 01/09/202205/09/2022
Cricket World Cup 2023 09/02/202326/03/2023
Asia Cup 2022   
Upcoming Test SeriesStarting DateEnding Date
India vs New Zealand Test Series 2021 25/11/202107/12/2021
Bangladesh vs Pakistan Test Series 2021 26/11/202108/12/2021
Australia vs Afghanistan Test Series 2021 27/11/202101/12/2021
The Ashes Series 2021-2022 08/12/202118/01/2022
South Africa vs India Test Series 2021-2022 17/12/202107/01/2022
India vs Sri Lanka Test Series 2022 25/02/202209/03/2022
West Indies vs England Test Series 2022 08/03/202228/03/2022
South Africa vs Bangladesh Test Series 2022 30/03/202211/04/2022
England vs New Zealand Test Series 2022 02/06/202227/06/2022
England vs South Africa Test Series 2022 17/08/202212/09/2022
Upcoming International T20 SeriesStarting DateEnding Date
T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule 17/10/202114/11/2021
India vs New Zealand T20 Series 2021 17/11/202121/11/2021
Bangladesh vs Pakistan T20 Series 2021 19/11/202122/11/2021
South Africa vs India T20 Series 2022 19/01/202226/01/2022
West Indies vs England T20 Series 2022 28/01/202205/02/2022
Australia vs New Zealand T20 Series 2022 08/02/202208/02/2022
Australia vs Sri Lanka T20 Series 2022 11/02/202220/02/2022
India vs West Indies T20 Series 2022 15/02/202220/02/2022
India vs Sri Lanka T20 Series 2022 13/03/202218/03/2022
India vs South Africa T20 Series 2022 09/06/202219/06/2022
England vs India T20 Series 2022 01/07/202206/07/2022
England vs South Africa T20 Series 2022 27/07/202231/07/2022
T20 World Cup 2022 18/10/202213/11/2022
Asia Cup T20 2021   
Afghanistan West Indies Australia Tri Series T20 2021   
Pakistan vs England T20 Series 2021