Records / The Hundred Matches / 2022 / List Of Match Records

Southern BraveLondon Spirit Draw London Spirit(147/6) 2022-08-12 Score
Oval InvinciblesNorthern Superchargers Oval Invincibles Northern Superchargers(157/7), Oval Invincibles(158/7) 2022-08-11 Score
Birmingham PhoenixSouthern Brave Birmingham Phoenix Birmingham Phoenix(176/4), Southern Brave(123/10) 2022-08-10 Score
Northern SuperchargersTrent Rockets Trent Rockets Northern Superchargers(152/8), Trent Rockets(155/3) 2022-08-09 Score
London SpiritManchester Originals London Spirit London Spirit(160/6), Manchester Originals(108/10) 2022-08-08 Score
Welsh FireOval Invincibles Oval Invincibles Oval Invincibles(158/5), Welsh Fire(119/6) 2022-08-07 Score
Trent RocketsBirmingham Phoenix Trent Rockets Birmingham Phoenix(143/7), Trent Rockets(147/4) 2022-08-06 Score
Manchester OriginalsNorthern Superchargers Manchester Originals Manchester Originals(161/4), Northern Superchargers(162/4) 2022-08-05 Score
Oval InvinciblesLondon Spirit London Spirit London Spirit(171/6), Oval Invincibles(168/7) 2022-08-04 Score
Southern BraveWelsh Fire Southern Brave Welsh Fire(107/7), Southern Brave(109/1) 2022-08-03 Score