Papua New Guinea Cricket Team

The Papua New Guinea is a national cricket team which represents the country Papua New Guinea. This team is a part of the ICC since 1973 and made their debut in the year 1972. When it comes to the performance, they are very strong and have talented players who can change the situation of the match at any point of time. The team plays under the captainship of Chris Amini and is coached by Peter Anderson. Both the coach and the captain work hand-in-hand so that they are able to keep the players together and enhance their performance. Recently the team played the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier and they stood at the 8th place. The Papua New Guinea cricket team also won the ICC EAP Cricket Trophy in the year 2013. Apart from playing a number of games, the cricket team has also set many records. One of the highlighting features of the team is the star performances of their all-rounder’s which include Andrew Mcintosh and Jason Kila. These are the two experienced players who are very important for the team and can turn the match easily. While the rest of the players form a part of the team in the roster form.

Upcoming SeriesStart Date
T20 World Cup 2021 18/10/2021
There are no Upcoming Matches
Recently Played Matches
Papua New Guinea( 192/8), Scotland( 196/6) Scotland Dubai International Cricket Stadium 25-11-2017 ODI
Papua New Guinea( 147/10), Scotland( 148/4) Scotland Dubai International Cricket Stadium 24-11-2017 ODI
Papua New Guinea( 128/5), United Arab Emirates( 129/5) United Arab Emirates Sheikh Zayed Stadium 14-04-2017 IT20
United Arab Emirates( 180/3), Papua New Guinea( 150/10) United Arab Emirates Sheikh Zayed Stadium 14-04-2017 IT20
Papua New Guinea( 102/10), United Arab Emirates( 108/5) United Arab Emirates Sheikh Zayed Stadium 12-04-2017 IT20
Papua New Guinea( 116/8), Ireland( 105/10) Ireland Tony Ireland Stadium 09-02-2016 IT20
Ireland( 96/5), Papua New Guinea( 89/9) Ireland Tony Ireland Stadium 07-02-2016 IT20
Papua New Guinea( 92/9), Ireland( 97/5) Ireland Tony Ireland Stadium 06-02-2016 IT20
Papua New Guinea( 127/6), Afghanistan( 128/4) Afghanistan The Village 23-07-2015 IT20
United States of America( 147/6), Papua New Guinea( 129/9) United States of America The Village 19-07-2015 IT20

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