Namibia Cricket Team

The Namibia cricket team has been a part of the ICC since the year 1992. They have been international matches from a long time and have gained a lot of experience. This is the reason that the team is performing well in every series and coming out with flying colors. They played their very first match in the year 1954 in Windhoek. The players are performing excellently under the captainship of Sarel Burger... As a captain, he has fully utilized the skills of the different players and brought up the confidence of the young players. Thus, he has been able to keep the team united even in the adverse conditions.During the current year, the Namibia cricket team has played World Cricket League securing the 7th place in that series followed by the ICC Twenty20 Qualifier thereby securing the 10th place in the series. The team has really put a lot of efforts in becoming successful and getting into the position in which they are today. Even the coach has been putting his best and worked in coordination with the captain to make the team strong. Thus you can say that the Namibia cricket team is definitely a strong one with the players paying utmost attention to their performance.

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Upcoming MatchesStart DateTime
Namibia vs Netherlands 7th Match T20 World Cup 2021 20/10/202114:00:00
Namibia vs Ireland 11th Match T20 World Cup 2021 22/10/202114:00:00
Recently Played Matches
Namibia( 96/10), Sri Lanka( 100/3) Sri Lanka Sheikh Zayed Stadium 18-10-2021 IT20
Namibia( 174/6), Papua New Guinea( 160/6) Papua New Guinea ICC Academy 10-10-2021 IT20
Scotland( 137/8), Namibia( 138/5) Scotland ICC Academy 09-10-2021 IT20
Namibia( 159/8), United Arab Emirates( 142/9) United Arab Emirates ICC Academy 05-10-2021 IT20
Namibia( 354/9), Uganda( 192/10) Uganda Wanderers Cricket Ground 08-04-2021 ODI
Namibia( 301/7), Uganda( 203/7) Uganda Wanderers Cricket Ground 07-04-2021 ODI
Namibia( 189/3), Uganda( 124/10) Uganda Wanderers Cricket Ground 05-04-2021 IT20
Namibia( 134/6), Uganda( 65/5) Uganda Wanderers Cricket Ground 05-04-2021 IT20
Uganda( 134/5), Namibia( 135/3) Uganda Wanderers Cricket Ground 03-04-2021 IT20
Match cancelled due to ongoing Coronavirus Disease Netherlands Wanderers Cricket Ground 01-04-2020 IT20

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