Uganda Cricket Team

The Uganda cricket team started playing the matches in the year 1951-1952. Their first match was a triangular tournament which was played between three teams; Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. They have been a part of the ICC since the year 1998. Initially the team was a part of the East and the Central Africans but later on the team became independent and played a number of international matches. The team consists of good players who have a great understanding of cricket and can change the match through their excellent skills. The captain Davis Arinaitwe is also putting his best to come up with new strategies that are helpful for the team. In the year 2013, the team played the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier and was able to secure the 13th position in that series. Similarly, they were also a part of the World Cricket League Division Three and secured the number two position. The ICC is offering all its support to the team so that players can enhance their performance. The responsibility of the funds is being handled by the ICC in order to provide them with an opportunity to participate in the upcoming World Cricket League Division which is scheduled for the next year.

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Recently Played Matches
Namibia( 354/9), Uganda( 192/10) Namibia Wanderers Cricket Ground 08-04-2021 ODI
Namibia( 301/7), Uganda( 203/7) Namibia Wanderers Cricket Ground 07-04-2021 ODI
Namibia( 189/3), Uganda( 124/10) Namibia Wanderers Cricket Ground 05-04-2021 IT20
Namibia( 134/6), Uganda( 65/5) Namibia Wanderers Cricket Ground 05-04-2021 IT20
Uganda( 134/5), Namibia( 135/3) Namibia Wanderers Cricket Ground 03-04-2021 IT20
Uganda( 134/6), Qatar( 116/10) Qatar West End Park International Cricket Stadium 15-02-2020 IT20
Qatar( 154/4), Uganda( 126/7) Qatar West End Park International Cricket Stadium 13-02-2020 IT20
Qatar( 201/2), Uganda( 161/6) Qatar West End Park International Cricket Stadium 12-02-2020 IT20
Nepal( 240/9), Uganda( 80/10) Nepal Bay Oval 28-01-2014 ODI
Uganda( 149/10), Canada( 119/1) Canada Bay Oval 2 26-01-2014 ODI

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