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Australia vs England Ashes Test Series 2013-2014 Schedule

Ashes Series is by far one of the most awaited cricket tournaments of the world. Cricket fans all over the world eagerly wait for the clash of the titans: Australia and England. “Ashes” is in fact one of the oldest cricket tournament in the world. It started in the 18th century and its legacy is still carried out by the fantastic English and Australian Cricket Players. The Aussies and the British are considered to be rivals in the game of cricket for centuries now and the Ashes Series brings out the competitive streak in them once every year.

The official trophy of the Ashes Series is the Urn. The Urn also dates back to the 18th century. It has always been the glorious gift to the winning team. According to historical beliefs, the urn is said to contain ashes of a burnt cricket ball. It is presented as a trophy to winning team of either England or Australia.

The 2013-14 Ashes Series between Australia and England, like every year, will comprise of five test matches. Each test match will take place on five different grounds or stadium. For the 2013 Ashes Series the venues for the five matches are: The Gabba Stadium, The Adelaide Oval Stadium, The WACA Ground Stadium, The Melbourne Cricket Ground Stadium and the Sydney Cricket Ground Stadium. The 2013-14 Ashes Series is being held just after three months of the end of the previous Ashes Series. Generally it takes place biennially meaning at an interval of 15 to 30 months but this year it has been scheduled so soon to avoid being held just after the ICC Cricket World Cup of 2015. All five test matches will be played in Australia. England always tours Australia for the Ashes Series.

List of Ashes Test Matches Matches
The detailed information on the five tests which will be held during the Ashes Series is as follows:
• Test Match 1: It will take place from 21-25 November, 2013 at the Gabba Stadium in Brisbane, Australia.
• Test Match 2: It will take place from 5-9 December, 2013 at the Adelaide Oval Stadium in Adelaide, Australia.
• Test Match 3: It will take place from 13-17 December, 2013 at the WACA Ground in Perth, Australia.
• Test Match 4: It will take place from 26-30 December, 2013 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Melbourne, Australia.
• Test Match 5: It will take place from 3-7 January, 2014 at the Sydney Cricket Ground in Sydney, Australia.

Broadcasting Channels
Although Ashes Series involves the England and Australian Cricket Teams it invokes enthusiasm, excitement and interest in the heart of cricket fans all over the world. That is why it is broadcasted live on many television channels of different countries.

Following are a list of sports channels which will broadcast the Ashes 2013-14 Series -
• Nine Network Fox Sports: Australia
• Sky Sports: United Kingdom
• Star Cricket: India
• PTV Sports: Pakistan
• Super Sport: South Africa and Zimbabwe

You can catch it live on any of the above sports channel.

Start Date


End Date


Match schedule

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Australia vs England 1st Ashes Test Match 2013
Match 1
Start Date- 21/11/2013
Time - 11:00 (Local)
End Date- 25/11/2013
Vs Venue
Brisbane Cricket Ground
Australia vs England 2nd Ashes Test Match 2013
Match 2
Start Date- 05/12/2013
Time - 11:00 (Local)
End Date- 09/12/2013
Vs Venue
Adelaide Oval
Australia vs England 3rd Ashes Test Match 2013
Match 3
Start Date- 13/12/2013
Time - 10:00 (Local)
End Date- 17/12/2013
Vs Venue
WACA Ground
Australia vs England 4th Ashes Test Match 2013
Match 4
Start Date- 26/12/2013
Time - 10:00 (Local)
End Date- 30/12/2013
Vs Venue
Melbourne Cricket Ground
Australia vs England 5th Ashes Test Match 2014
Match 5
Start Date- 03/01/2014
Time - 10:00 (Local)
End Date- 07/01/2014
Vs Venue
Sydney Cricket Ground