Records / T20I Matches / 2022 / List Of Match Records

BahrainKuwait Tie Kuwait(166/9), Bahrain(166/5) 2022-08-11 Score
IrelandAfghanistan Ireland Afghanistan(122/8), Ireland(125/5) 2022-08-11 Score
West IndiesNew Zealand New Zealand New Zealand(185/5), West Indies(172/7) 2022-08-10 Score
IrelandAfghanistan Ireland Afghanistan(168/7), Ireland(171/3) 2022-08-09 Score
West IndiesIndia India India(188/7), West Indies(100/10) 2022-08-07 Score
West IndiesIndia India India(191/5), West Indies(132/10) 2022-08-06 Score
IrelandSouth Africa South Africa South Africa(182/6), Ireland(138/10) 2022-08-05 Score
NetherlandsNew Zealand New Zealand Netherlands(147/4), New Zealand(149/2) 2022-08-05 Score
NetherlandsNew Zealand New Zealand New Zealand(148/7), Netherlands(132/10) 2022-08-04 Score
IrelandSouth Africa South Africa South Africa(211/5), Ireland(190/9) 2022-08-03 Score
West IndiesIndia India West Indies(164/5), India(165/3) 2022-08-02 Score
ZimbabweBangladesh Zimbabwe Zimbabwe(156/8), Bangladesh(146/8) 2022-08-02 Score
West IndiesIndia West Indies India(138/10), West Indies(141/5) 2022-08-01 Score
LuxembourgSwitzerland Luxembourg Luxembourg(115/9), Switzerland(108/10) 2022-07-31 Score
AustriaNorway Austria Norway(77/10), Austria(77/1) 2022-07-31 Score
EnglandSouth Africa South Africa South Africa(191/5), England(101/10) 2022-07-31 Score
BulgariaCzech Republic Czech Republic Bulgaria(117/10), Czech Republic(118/6) 2022-07-31 Score
GuernseyFrance Guernsey Guernsey(153/6), France(97/10) 2022-07-31 Score
ZimbabweBangladesh Bangladesh Zimbabwe(135/8), Bangladesh(136/3) 2022-07-31 Score
LuxembourgSlovenia Luxembourg Luxembourg(129/10), Slovenia(124/8) 2022-07-30 Score
FranceEstonia France France(183/7), Estonia(124/8) 2022-07-30 Score
AustriaBulgaria Austria Austria(206/4), Bulgaria(48/10) 2022-07-30 Score
Czech RepublicSwitzerland Czech Republic Switzerland(183/8), Czech Republic(184/3) 2022-07-30 Score
ZimbabweBangladesh Zimbabwe Zimbabwe(205/3), Bangladesh(188/6) 2022-07-30 Score
ScotlandNew Zealand New Zealand New Zealand(254/5), Scotland(152/9) 2022-07-29 Score
West IndiesIndia India India(190/6), West Indies(122/8) 2022-07-29 Score
EnglandSouth Africa South Africa South Africa(207/3), England(149/10) 2022-07-28 Score
EstoniaCzech Republic Czech Republic Czech Republic(135/9), Estonia(93/9) 2022-07-28 Score
SloveniaGuernsey Guernsey Slovenia(55/10), Guernsey(60/1) 2022-07-28 Score
SwitzerlandNorway Norway Norway(174/7), Switzerland(25/1) 2022-07-28 Score
BulgariaLuxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg(164/6), Bulgaria(73/5) 2022-07-28 Score
EnglandSouth Africa England England(234/6), South Africa(193/8) 2022-07-27 Score
BulgariaSlovenia Bulgaria Slovenia(140/9), Bulgaria(143/7) 2022-07-27 Score
NorwayFrance France France(158/8), Norway(147/10) 2022-07-27 Score
ScotlandNew Zealand New Zealand New Zealand(225/5), Scotland(157/8) 2022-07-27 Score
GuernseyAustria Austria Guernsey(139/6), Austria(141/8) 2022-07-27 Score
EstoniaSwitzerland Switzerland Switzerland(173/4), Estonia(142/3) 2022-07-27 Score
SwitzerlandFrance Switzerland France(157/5), Switzerland(158/9) 2022-07-25 Score
LuxembourgGuernsey Guernsey Guernsey(131/5), Luxembourg(114/6) 2022-07-25 Score
Czech RepublicNorway Norway Norway(186/6), Czech Republic(66/10) 2022-07-25 Score
SloveniaAustria Austria Austria(214/4), Slovenia(73/10) 2022-07-25 Score
GuernseyBulgaria Guernsey Guernsey(130/8), Bulgaria(78/10) 2022-07-24 Score
FranceCzech Republic France France(153/6), Czech Republic(102/9) 2022-07-24 Score
AustriaLuxembourg Austria Austria(139/10), Luxembourg(103/10) 2022-07-24 Score
NorwayEstonia Norway Estonia(101/10), Norway(102/0) 2022-07-24 Score
IrelandNew Zealand New Zealand Ireland(174/6), New Zealand(180/4) 2022-07-22 Score
IrelandNew Zealand New Zealand New Zealand(179/4), Ireland(91/10) 2022-07-20 Score
RomaniaSweden Sweden Romania(104/10), Sweden(106/2) 2022-07-19 Score
Isle of ManItaly Italy Isle of Man(101/8), Italy(102/3) 2022-07-19 Score
CroatiaSerbia Croatia Serbia(90/10), Croatia(94/7) 2022-07-19 Score
FinlandCyprus Finland Finland(159/10), Cyprus(148/7) 2022-07-19 Score
FinlandCroatia Finland Croatia(85/8), Finland(87/5) 2022-07-18 Score
Isle of ManTurkey Isle of Man Isle of Man(171/9), Turkey(97/8) 2022-07-18 Score
IrelandNew Zealand New Zealand New Zealand(173/8), Ireland(142/10) 2022-07-18 Score
GreeceSweden Sweden Sweden(150/6), Greece(43/10) 2022-07-18 Score
CyprusSerbia Serbia Cyprus(125/10), Serbia(126/6) 2022-07-18 Score
Papua New GuineaUnited States Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea(97/10), United States(92/10) 2022-07-17 Score
ZimbabweNetherlands Zimbabwe Zimbabwe(132/10), Netherlands(95/10) 2022-07-17 Score
UgandaHong Kong Uganda Uganda(102/7), Hong Kong(98/8) 2022-07-17 Score
JerseySingapore Jersey Singapore(140/7), Jersey(141/4) 2022-07-17 Score
CyprusTurkey Cyprus Cyprus(183/8), Turkey(48/10) 2022-07-16 Score
CroatiaItaly Italy Italy(210/5), Croatia(44/7) 2022-07-16 Score
RomaniaSerbia Romania Romania(133/6), Serbia(102/7) 2022-07-16 Score
FinlandGreece Finland Finland(183/7), Greece(146/10) 2022-07-16 Score
CroatiaGreece Croatia Croatia(104/6), Greece(101/10) 2022-07-15 Score
Isle of ManRomania Isle of Man Romania(120/10), Isle of Man(121/2) 2022-07-15 Score
ZimbabwePapua New Guinea Zimbabwe Zimbabwe(199/5), Papua New Guinea(172/8) 2022-07-15 Score
NetherlandsUnited States Netherlands United States(138/10), Netherlands(139/3) 2022-07-15 Score
ItalySweden Italy Italy(169/7), Sweden(78/10) 2022-07-15 Score
SerbiaTurkey Serbia Turkey(67/10), Serbia(68/3) 2022-07-15 Score
JerseyUganda Uganda Uganda(110/10), Jersey(105/9) 2022-07-15 Score
Hong KongSingapore Hong Kong Singapore(146/10), Hong Kong(147/3) 2022-07-15 Score
ZimbabweUnited States Zimbabwe Zimbabwe(185/6), United States(139/8) 2022-07-14 Score
SingaporeJersey Jersey Jersey(154/7), Singapore(141/7) 2022-07-14 Score
NetherlandsUganda Netherlands Netherlands(187/3), Uganda(90/9) 2022-07-14 Score
Papua New GuineaHong Kong Hong Kong Papua New Guinea(185/7), Hong Kong(186/8) 2022-07-14 Score
Isle of ManSerbia Isle of Man Isle of Man(165/7), Serbia(97/7) 2022-07-13 Score
FinlandItaly Italy Finland(141/6), Italy(144/5) 2022-07-13 Score
CyprusRomania Cyprus Cyprus(154/8), Romania(134/9) 2022-07-13 Score
CroatiaSweden Sweden Croatia(69/10), Sweden(70/2) 2022-07-13 Score
SwedenFinland Finland Finland(115/10), Sweden(103/7) 2022-07-12 Score
RomaniaTurkey Romania Romania(147/5), Turkey(96/8) 2022-07-12 Score
NetherlandsHong Kong Netherlands Hong Kong(116/10), Netherlands(117/3) 2022-07-12 Score
Papua New GuineaUganda Papua New Guinea Uganda(160/4), Papua New Guinea(161/2) 2022-07-12 Score
GreeceItaly Italy Greece(67/6), Italy(69/1) 2022-07-12 Score
CyprusIsle of Man Isle of Man Cyprus(120/10), Isle of Man(122/2) 2022-07-12 Score
ZimbabweJersey Zimbabwe Zimbabwe(146/8), Jersey(123/5) 2022-07-12 Score
SingaporeUnited States United States United States(201/6), Singapore(69/10) 2022-07-12 Score
NetherlandsPapua New Guinea Netherlands Netherlands(163/7), Papua New Guinea(111/10) 2022-07-11 Score
Hong KongUganda Uganda Hong Kong(87/9), Uganda(88/8) 2022-07-11 Score
MalaysiaBhutan Malaysia Bhutan(82/10), Malaysia(84/1) 2022-07-11 Score
ZimbabweSingapore Zimbabwe Zimbabwe(236/5), Singapore(125/7) 2022-07-11 Score
JerseyUnited States United States Jersey(154/5), United States(159/2) 2022-07-11 Score
EnglandIndia England England(215/7), India(198/9) 2022-07-10 Score
Czech RepublicAustria Czech Republic Austria(146/8), Czech Republic(150/4) 2022-07-10 Score
Czech RepublicLuxembourg Czech Republic Czech Republic(209/6), Luxembourg(173/9) 2022-07-10 Score
LuxembourgAustria Austria Austria(115/3), Luxembourg(84/4) 2022-07-09 Score
SerbiaBulgaria Bulgaria Bulgaria(206/5), Serbia(111/10) 2022-07-09 Score
EnglandIndia India India(170/8), England(121/10) 2022-07-09 Score
BhutanThailand Bhutan Bhutan(135/6), Thailand(107/7) 2022-07-09 Score
MalaysiaMaldives Malaysia Malaysia(230/4), Maldives(136/6) 2022-07-09 Score
Czech RepublicAustria Austria Czech Republic(182/6), Austria(183/6) 2022-07-09 Score
SerbiaBulgaria Serbia Bulgaria(154/9), Serbia(157/2) 2022-07-09 Score
SerbiaBulgaria Serbia Bulgaria(152/9), Serbia(155/3) 2022-07-08 Score
Czech RepublicLuxembourg Czech Republic Luxembourg(112/7), Czech Republic(115/5) 2022-07-08 Score
MaldivesThailand Maldives Maldives(97/10), Thailand(56/10) 2022-07-08 Score
AustriaLuxembourg Austria Luxembourg(119/5), Austria(123/5) 2022-07-08 Score
West IndiesBangladesh West Indies Bangladesh(163/5), West Indies(169/5) 2022-07-07 Score
EnglandIndia India India(198/8), England(148/10) 2022-07-07 Score
MalaysiaThailand Malaysia Thailand(73/10), Malaysia(74/1) 2022-07-07 Score
BhutanMaldives Bhutan Bhutan(110/7), Maldives(108/10) 2022-07-07 Score
MalaysiaMaldives Malaysia Maldives(57/8), Malaysia(59/2) 2022-07-06 Score
BhutanThailand Bhutan Thailand(49/8), Bhutan(50/4) 2022-07-06 Score
BhutanMaldives Bhutan Bhutan(110/9), Maldives(104/8) 2022-07-04 Score
MalaysiaThailand Malaysia Thailand(30/10), Malaysia(34/1) 2022-07-04 Score
West IndiesBangladesh West Indies West Indies(193/5), Bangladesh(158/6) 2022-07-03 Score
SingaporePapua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Singapore(203/7), Papua New Guinea(206/7) 2022-07-03 Score
MalaysiaBhutan Malaysia Malaysia(112/9), Bhutan(73/10) 2022-07-03 Score
MaldivesThailand Maldives Thailand(81/10), Maldives(82/3) 2022-07-03 Score
West IndiesBangladesh No Result Bangladesh(105/8) 2022-07-02 Score
SingaporePapua New Guinea Singapore Singapore(168/5), Papua New Guinea(150/9) 2022-07-02 Score
MalaysiaBhutan Malaysia Malaysia(213/4), Bhutan(58/8) 2022-07-02 Score
SingaporeMalaysia Malaysia Singapore(122/7), Malaysia(125/5) 2022-06-30 Score
SingaporeMalaysia Malaysia Malaysia(177/5), Singapore(154/6) 2022-06-29 Score
SingaporeMalaysia Singapore Malaysia(137/7), Singapore(138/6) 2022-06-28 Score
IrelandIndia India India(225/7), Ireland(221/5) 2022-06-28 Score
IrelandIndia India Ireland(108/4), India(111/3) 2022-06-26 Score
BulgariaSerbia Bulgaria Serbia(242/4), Bulgaria(246/4) 2022-06-26 Score
BulgariaSerbia Bulgaria Serbia(185/4), Bulgaria(122/1) 2022-06-25 Score
BulgariaSerbia Bulgaria Serbia(194/8), Bulgaria(199/5) 2022-06-25 Score
BulgariaSerbia Bulgaria Serbia(225/6), Bulgaria(229/4) 2022-06-24 Score
IndiaSouth Africa No Result India(28/2) 2022-06-19 Score
IndiaSouth Africa India India(169/6), South Africa(87/9) 2022-06-17 Score
IndiaSouth Africa India India(179/5), South Africa(131/10) 2022-06-14 Score
ZimbabweAfghanistan Afghanistan Afghanistan(125/8), Zimbabwe(90/9) 2022-06-14 Score
IndiaSouth Africa South Africa India(148/6), South Africa(149/6) 2022-06-12 Score
ZimbabweAfghanistan Afghanistan Afghanistan(170/5), Zimbabwe(149/7) 2022-06-12 Score
Sri LankaAustralia Sri Lanka Australia(176/5), Sri Lanka(177/6) 2022-06-11 Score
ZimbabweAfghanistan Afghanistan Zimbabwe(159/8), Afghanistan(160/4) 2022-06-11 Score
IndiaSouth Africa South Africa India(211/4), South Africa(212/3) 2022-06-09 Score
Sri LankaAustralia Australia Sri Lanka(124/9), Australia(126/7) 2022-06-08 Score
Sri LankaAustralia Australia Sri Lanka(128/10), Australia(134/0) 2022-06-07 Score
ZimbabweNamibia Namibia Namibia(127/8), Zimbabwe(95/10) 2022-05-24 Score
ZimbabweNamibia Namibia Zimbabwe(157/8), Namibia(161/4) 2022-05-22 Score
GuernseyJersey Jersey Jersey(185/7), Guernsey(151/4) 2022-05-21 Score
GuernseyJersey Jersey Jersey(168/6), Guernsey(108/8) 2022-05-21 Score
ZimbabweNamibia Zimbabwe Namibia(128/8), Zimbabwe(129/2) 2022-05-21 Score
GuernseyJersey Jersey Jersey(178/4), Guernsey(141/7) 2022-05-20 Score
ZimbabweNamibia Namibia Zimbabwe(122/8), Namibia(124/2) 2022-05-19 Score
ZimbabweNamibia Zimbabwe Zimbabwe(153/4), Namibia(146/5) 2022-05-17 Score
DenmarkFinland Denmark Denmark(164/4), Finland(109/8) 2022-05-08 Score
DenmarkFinland Denmark Denmark(171/5), Finland(33/10) 2022-05-07 Score
DenmarkFinland Finland Denmark(137/8), Finland(142/7) 2022-05-07 Score
SpainNorway Spain Spain(125/8), Norway(84/10) 2022-05-01 Score
SpainGuernsey Guernsey Spain(107/10), Guernsey(111/2) 2022-05-01 Score
SpainGuernsey Spain Guernsey(78/10), Spain(80/2) 2022-04-30 Score
GuernseyNorway Guernsey Norway(120/7), Guernsey(126/2) 2022-04-30 Score
SpainNorway Spain Spain(129/5), Norway(78/9) 2022-04-30 Score
GuernseyNorway Norway Norway(137/7), Guernsey(100/7) 2022-04-29 Score
NamibiaUganda Namibia Namibia(185/7), Uganda(133/10) 2022-04-10 Score
NamibiaUganda Uganda Namibia(177/4), Uganda(178/3) 2022-04-09 Score
NamibiaUganda Namibia Uganda(127/5), Namibia(128/2) 2022-04-08 Score
PakistanAustralia Australia Pakistan(162/8), Australia(163/7) 2022-04-05 Score
NepalPapua New Guinea Nepal Nepal(168/6), Papua New Guinea(118/10) 2022-04-04 Score
NepalMalaysia Nepal Nepal(223/5), Malaysia(138/10) 2022-04-02 Score
Papua New GuineaMalaysia Papua New Guinea Malaysia(196/6), Papua New Guinea(199/2) 2022-04-01 Score
NepalPapua New Guinea Nepal Nepal(203/7), Papua New Guinea(166/10) 2022-03-31 Score
NepalMalaysia Nepal Malaysia(114/8), Nepal(117/4) 2022-03-30 Score
MalaysiaPapua New Guinea Malaysia Malaysia(180/3), Papua New Guinea(172/10) 2022-03-29 Score
NepalPapua New Guinea Nepal Nepal(183/9), Papua New Guinea(168/10) 2022-03-28 Score
BangladeshAfghanistan Afghanistan Bangladesh(115/9), Afghanistan(121/2) 2022-03-05 Score
BangladeshAfghanistan Bangladesh Bangladesh(155/8), Afghanistan(94/10) 2022-03-03 Score
IndiaSri Lanka India Sri Lanka(146/5), India(148/4) 2022-02-27 Score
IndiaSri Lanka India Sri Lanka(183/5), India(186/3) 2022-02-26 Score
IndiaSri Lanka India India(199/2), Sri Lanka(137/6) 2022-02-24 Score
IndiaWest Indies India India(184/5), West Indies(167/9) 2022-02-20 Score
AustraliaSri Lanka Sri Lanka Australia(154/6), Sri Lanka(155/5) 2022-02-20 Score
IndiaWest Indies India India(186/5), West Indies(178/3) 2022-02-18 Score
AustraliaSri Lanka Australia Sri Lanka(139/8), Australia(143/4) 2022-02-18 Score
IndiaWest Indies India West Indies(157/7), India(162/4) 2022-02-16 Score
AustraliaSri Lanka Australia Sri Lanka(121/6), Australia(124/4) 2022-02-15 Score
IrelandNepal Ireland Ireland(127/10), Nepal(111/9) 2022-02-14 Score
OmanUnited Arab Emirates Oman United Arab Emirates(164/8), Oman(165/3) 2022-02-14 Score
AustraliaSri Lanka Tie Australia(164/6), Sri Lanka(164/8) 2022-02-13 Score
IrelandUnited Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates(178/5), Ireland(165/7) 2022-02-13 Score
OmanIreland Ireland Oman(137/10), Ireland(140/1) 2022-02-12 Score
NepalUnited Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates(192/3), Nepal(167/5) 2022-02-12 Score
AustraliaSri Lanka Australia Australia(149/9), Sri Lanka(122/8) 2022-02-11 Score
OmanNepal Nepal Oman(135/6), Nepal(137/4) 2022-02-11 Score
West IndiesEngland West Indies West Indies(179/4), England(162/10) 2022-01-30 Score
West IndiesEngland England England(193/6), West Indies(159/5) 2022-01-29 Score
West IndiesEngland West Indies West Indies(224/5), England(204/9) 2022-01-26 Score
West IndiesEngland England England(171/8), West Indies(170/8) 2022-01-23 Score
West IndiesEngland West Indies England(103/10), West Indies(104/1) 2022-01-22 Score