How to Watch IPL on Hotstar For Free

The craze of IPL on Hotstar is in the air. With the thirteenth season, the twenty20 cricket has come forward with its full force. Pandemic could also not hold back the passion of cricket in Indians. This year for the very first time, the tournament is going on without live audience. But it’s not an issue since the passion of cricket in the blood of Indians cannot be put back. The tournament’s live broadcasting and updates have been made available on Hotstar.

Every year Hotstar broadcast the event, but this time the number of viewers has increased tremendously. In 2019 IPL repeatedly broke records for concurrent viewership setting a global peak of 18.6 million. Dream11 IPL 2021 is a current sensation all over the globe. The fight to win the title of IPL 2021 has been started, and the action between the eight-team has geared up the viewers and will be present live on Disney+Hotstar. This time peak has been predicted to increase many folds and is expected to set a new record. The ease of watching IPL on Hotstar has made life easy for the charismatic viewer to follow the following steps to get it right at their fingertips.

How To Download Hotstar App to Watch IPL Match Live?

Let us get to know from where you can download and watch the IPL on Hotstar and cheer your favourite players sitting in front of your device. Hotstar has always been the first love of the sports lovers and has yet again come up with excellent plans to offer to the users.

  1. Install the Hotstar app from Google Play store
  2. Be a member of Hotstar by subscribing to it by selecting the plan you desire 
  3. Make the required payment.
  4. Login to Hotstar by your subscribed account
  5. WOW! there you go, now go and watch IPL

Hotstar Charges For Watching IPL Match Live

It features two paid subscriptions. Hotstar subscription premium is Rs. 299/ month and Rs. 1499/ year, including live sports, 7 Multiplex blockbuster, Latest American shows and movie, Disney +, Exclusive Hotstar special, and stars serials. For Hotstar gold, the users have to pay Rs. 399 annually, including live sports, 7 Multiplex blockbuster, Disney +, Exclusive Hotstar notable, and stars serials.

IPL on Hotstar App - How to Watch IPL Match Live Today For Free

However, a user can get a Hotstar VIP subscription for free with JIO and Airtel recharge, making your watching IPL 2021 live stream virtually accessible. If you are a JIO user then you can watch IPL Live streaming on your mobile phone for free. You just have to recharge your JIO phone with Rs 401 where you can watch IPL match live on your hotstar app. You can visit for more details.

Another way to watch IPL 2021 live streaming on your mobile phone for free is to use your Tata Sky mobile app. Install Tata Sky mobile app, and open the channel which you generally watch on your television. You have to have the hotstar app installed to watch the live matches daily on your phone. This option will only work if you can watch Star Sports channel on your TV subscription.

How To Subscribe Hotstar?

The subscription can be made in-app or on the website. The simple steps for the premium account are

  1. Go on to the official website of Hotstar, i.e.,, and select the desired plan.
  2. Login
  3. Make payment as per your subscription.
  4. Click on the subscription link.

Features of Hotstar

IPL on Hotstar Live

Disney + Hotstar has come up with different features to keep the audience at their toes. They provide important information, which includes video, schedule, and standing. 

The video includes the streaming video or past video of the match. The highlights of the tournament are featured with a catchy headline. The match's complete schedule is featured in this section, where past, present, and upcoming games are listed. Lastly, standing executes the team's position in the current tournament, where the number of matches played, several matches won, matches lost, results, and points are listed. It has also added an array of existing features, including ball to ball predictor game, group chatting, emojis, multi-cam feed, and more in IPL live streaming feed.

This streaming app provides live scores, match highlights, videos, and many more in its one-stop destination worldwide. One more feature of Hotstar is that it broadcasts the match in eight languages, i.e., Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Telegu, Malayalam, and English. This can be done by selecting your preferred language in the Hotstar app. These remarkable features engage more viewers as people can enjoy the match in their language. 

A rooted Hotstar features the ongoing and upcoming matches on its main display page to keep the viewers updated. This is a smart feature to attract viewers.

As Netflix and Amazon fail to gather the right content to attract viewers from India, Hotstar strongly focuses on the cricket series. Hence it is also referred to as ‘Star parent’ on securing broadcast and streaming right to various cricket series. It has gathered a considerable number of subscriptions as compared to other streaming apps.

Cricket is a religion in India; hence this time, Hotstar streamed the matches on a new technology stack using 10x lesser compute while handling 2.5x times more traffic, giving better quality at much lower bitrates.

The largest premium streaming platform has prepared its best to make the experience of IPL 2021 on Hotstar even more exciting and useful. With the people's demand and the call of the urgency for the pandemic, it came forward to stream the match without any disturbance, hence reaching millions of audiences with live streaming.

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Last Updated on: 19/09/2021

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