How to do IPL Match Prediction Today?

In this tutorial, you will learn how you can use data to predict the winner of a match. If you want to check your cricketing talent by predicting the winner of each match then you can follow the process below. 

Note: Use computer for research process. In mobile phone, position of data and graphs can change.

How to do Match Prediction Daily using

Please keep in mind

  1. We at don't guarantee that the prediction will be 100% right.
  2. These methods are just for increasing your cricketing knowledge.
  3. You have to also use your cricketing knowledge.

I am taking IPL 2021 as an example on how you can proceed further to improve your match prediction.

Go to : and click on the Tomorrow IPL match of the series. (This will only work on future matches and not on Today's IPL match)

1st match IPL 2020

Check the Last 10 Performance Section

This Section will help you understand the top 10 head to head matches between the two teams and what was the result. For example, if we see the head to head match result of the 1st IPL 2020 match, clearly Mumbai Indians have won more matches recently.

Head to Head - CSK vs MI

So, here you can see Mumbai Indians as a better team to win the 1st T20 match in IPL 2020.

Check the match Prediction Graph

This is just a voting graph for the users of to vote for their favorite team. You can see how many people have voted for the winning team. Voting graph is mentioned here  (

People are voting for CSK but if you see the data, Mumbai Indians are better compared to Chennai Super Kings. Now, here you have to decide whether you want to go ahead with data or people sentiments.

Recently Played Matches Details

On the Match Schedule page of 1st Match (, you can see the recently played matches of two teams and try to understand the scoring pattern. Also, you can to see which team have won recently or loosing continuously.

Secondly, you have to read each match scorecard to understand how teams have performed in different situations. Means if it is a low scoring game, then which team has performed well and how? If you analyse different matches of IPL, then you will start understanding more and more.

Match Results Mumbai Indians

You can also search by typing in Cricketwa search box with various keywords like

Playing XI Teams

Playing 11 team players also plays an important role. Playing XI will usually get updated during toss. You can see that on match schedule page.

Also, Which player is playing well recently does the trick. You can see the individual player performance on their profile page. 

For Example:

On this page, you can see recent performance by Kieron Pollard.

Pollard Recent Matches

At profile page, you can also see if a player has won any Man of the match or man of the series award. This will help in understanding the quality of the player.

Weather & Pitch Condition

Weather plays an important role. If the weather is ok then the most powerful team will win the game but in case of bad weather anything can happen.

Size of the ground

Size of the grond can sometimes change the match on any side. If the size of the ground is large, then teams with powerful hitters can score big runs but if the size is small then even bowlers can hit many sixes. You have to also keep this in mind.

   DC vs SRH Head to Head in IPL Tomorrow IPL Match  
Last Updated on: 19/09/2021

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