Mumbai Heroes Cricket Team

Mumbai Heroes, the team with most fans all around India is one of the tough competitors in the Celebrity Cricket League. Celebrity Cricket League has become really popular amongst the cricketing fans because they not only get to see some great cricket but also the superstars from different film industries. The team from Mumbai will have a lot of expectations from its players because they have not been able to perform well in the initial seasons however there have been some sparkling performances now and then which suggest that no one can write this team down. This Bollywood team from Maharashtra owned by the very famous Sohail Khan has chosen Sharjah as their home ground. Sharjah is known to be the home of so many historic cricket matches. The team of Mumbai Heroes has been in this tournament from the first season itself and unlike some of the recent teams they have quite a bit of knowledge about the ground conditions and what needs to be done to win the trophy.

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