United States Cricket Team

The United States of America cricket team became a part of the ICC in the year 1965 and since then they have been an active member. Though their membership was suspended on account of not holding the elections but in the 2008, a new reform was introduced and the team has again become a member. The team is being headed by none other than Steve Massiah who is a very smart player and knows how to bring out the best from their teammates. This is the reason that the team has been doing really well and winning the matches back to back. Recently the United States of America cricket team played the ICC Twenty20 Americans Championship and secured the first position. Its players are highly talented and the captain has definitely come forward to boost the confidence of the individuals so that they can show their real talent. That is why the team has won the previous championships and they are planning to repeat the same in the upcoming series as well. After becoming a part of the ICC again, the team has come up with a positive though, enthusiasm and zeal which is very important in the cricket world.

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Recently Played Matches
United States( 271/9), Papua New Guinea( 137/10) Papua New Guinea Al Amerat Cricket Stadium 09-09-2021 ODI
Papua New Guinea( 158/10), United States( 159/3) Papua New Guinea Al Amerat Cricket Stadium 06-09-2021 ODI
United Arab Emirates( 182/7), United States( 158/6) United Arab Emirates ICC Academy 16-03-2019 IT20
United States( 147/6), Papua New Guinea( 129/9) Papua New Guinea The Village 19-07-2015 IT20
Hong Kong( 125/9), United States( 128/3) Hong Kong Castle Avenue 18-07-2015 IT20
Jersey( 87/10), United States( 88/5) Jersey Bready Cricket Club 15-07-2015 IT20
United States( 113/8), Namibia( 116/3) Namibia Civil Service Cricket Club 13-07-2015 IT20
Ireland( 146/6), United States( 100/10) Ireland Civil Service Cricket Club 12-07-2015 IT20
United States( 121/10), Nepal( 122/4) Nepal Civil Service Cricket Club 10-07-2015 IT20
United States( 145/7), Denmark( 124/9) Denmark Sharjah Cricket Stadium 26-11-2013 IT20

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