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T20 World Cup 2014 Groups at what time india vs south africa match start?
Category: Cricket Created On: 06/12/2013 02:44 AM
The T20 World Cup is surely one of the most talked about events in the latest international cricket scene. The 2014 edition will be celebrating the 5th season of the tournament and Bangladesh has been endowed with the honor of being the host country for the year. It’s the second time in the history of t20 World that an Asian nation has received the esteemed responsibility of housing the prestigious championship. The 2014 T20 World Cup will commence on March 16 and would continue till April 6, 2014.

The questions are around on whether the upcoming T20 World will be inaugurated by an opening ceremony from the host country? Well, nothing has been declared about the opening ceremony officially but the Bangladesh Cricket Board has confirmed that they are certainly giving it a thought. Now, the opening ceremonies preceding the high profile championships are a trend these days and hence the same can be expected this time as well. Besides, the Bangla-speaking Indian neighbor is always recognized for its overwhelming emotion and enthusiasm that is reverberated through its grand-scale celebrations. Thus it won’t be much of a wrong to anticipate a plush opening ceremony by the host country for the 2014 T20 World Cup.